Career at Kouvidis
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We are looking for passionate and creative people

We are looking for responsible and ambitious team players who desire to contribute to the fulfillment of our goals and vision. Our main priority is the identification of their values with those of our company. For this reason, we emphasize not only to the candidates typical skills but also to their character and willingness for professional development. We provide equal opportunities and treatment to all our employees irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, religion beliefs, marital status, personal convictions and job description.

If you wish to be a part of KOUVIDIS team, please send your cv to [email protected] and if a job description matches to your qualifications our Human Research department will contact you.

Are you Young and Talented? Join us and test your skills!

KOUVIDIS provides the opportunity to university students or graduates to put their knowledge into practice and gain practical experience in a dynamic workplace. Student practice program is a part of KOUVIDIS Corporate Social Responsibility model and gives to the students or graduates the chance to broaden their skills and examine the possibilities for a future cooperation.

Specialties related to our company sector are those of electricians, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, as well as specialties related to the economy and business sector.

For further information about student practice opportunities, please fill out the contact form with your request and your specialty and our Human Research department will contact you.