Triple distinction at the “Made in Greece Awards 2022” for the multi-layered conduits of KOUVIDIS

KOUVIDIS received three (3) awards at the “Made in Greece Awards 2022” that were held last Monday 20.06.2022 at the Zappeion Hall by the Greek Academy of Marketing. Once more, KOUVIDIS was distinguished among the top Greek manufacturing companies. More specifically, the first distinction relates to the product range of double structured wall conduits for underground networks GEONFLEX® and GEOSUB®, which received the Gold award in the category “Branded Industrial Product”. Additionally, the rest two distinctions relate to the new products of the company; the 4layered drainage pipe GEODRAIN®PLUS and the 3layered conduit SUPERFLEX® PLUS. Both of them were awarded in the category “Innovative Industrial Product” with the Silver and Bronze award respectively.

Gold award for the 10-year presence of the conduits GEONFLEX® – GEOSUB®

KOUVIDIS penetrated into the production of multi-layered conduits in 2012, by presenting to the market the double structured wall conduit GEONFLEX® N750 for electrical installations in buried underground. The product range was expanded in 2014 with the launch of GEOSUB®L450, and since then, KOUVIDIS offers a complete solution for underground electrical installations. Within this 10-year presence, the conduits GEONFLEX® – GEOSUB® have proved to be the most reliable choice for the electrician whilst at the same time they have been used at the largest construction projects in Greece and Cyprus with zero number of returns. The innovative features, the millions of meters that are being sold daily, the constant research and development, the continuous sales development and high recognition of the technical world were some of the reasons that led to the highest distinction with the Gold award as one of the best branded industrial Greek products.

Important distinction for the new innovative drainage pipe GEODRAIN® PLUS

The new 4layered perforated drainage pipe GEODRAIN® PLUS with pre-installed geotextile is the last add in the multilayered conduits family of KOUVIDIS. The pioneering design as well as the solutions it offers at the subsoil drainage led to the Silver award in the category of innovative industrial products. The 4layered pipe GEODRAIN® PLUS is the only drainage pipe with pre-installed geotextile from a pure Greek manufacturer. It is an ideal solution for the perimeter drainage of the building foundations, drainage in retaining walls, in gardens as well as in planted roofs. Its comparative advantage is the integration of the geotextile during the production process, which offers up to 50% time and cost savings in installation.

One more distinction for the SUPERFLEX® PLUS conduit with anti-electromagnetic technology

The innovative 3layered conduit SUPERFLEX® PLUS was launched in the Greek market 1,5 years ago and is awarded for the third time, after the double distinction at the Packaging Awards 2021. The reduction of the electromagnetic radiation, the technology of three different layers, the ease of use during the installation and the low environmental footprint were some of the features that led to the Bronze award in the category of innovative industrial products. It has already exceeded 5 million meters in sales and consists the first choice for electrical installations in the plasterboard, cavity walls and sub-ceiling, in indoor spaces such as office buildings, hotel rooms and residences.

The 3rd generation of KOUVIDIS at the doorsteps of business excellence.

This triple distinction is an awarding outcome of the persistent attempts of KOUVIDIS for offering qualitative and safe solutions during a time that the company celebrates 10 years for using the multi-layered conduits technology. The multiple innovations, the ease of use at the installation and the increased safety they offer with the multiple layers are some of the reasons they have earned such a wide acceptance by the electrician and the mechanical.

The ”Made in Greece Awards” institution

“Made in Greece” awards are an institution with an ultimate goal of promoting and awarding Greek businesses that bring off substantial performance in creating and delivering products with essential added value to the Greek Economy. It is organized by the Greek Academy of Marketing and is being held since 2013. KOUVIDIS is awarded for a second consecutive time by this institution, after the double distinction received in 2019 for the innovative conduit DUROFLEX® PLUS and the branded product range CONDUR® – CONFLEX®.

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