Halogen free & low smoke series for maximum safety in modern buildings

Applying its 40+ years know how in manufacture of plastic piping systems, KOUVIDIS has recently designed and developed DUROFLEX PLUS & SUPERFLEX PLUS 3layer conduits. Our brand-new conduits incorporate multiple innovative characteristics, which provide great flexibility to the installer’s increased needs and maximize the safety in a modern building.

A new property of great importance has been certified by VDE Testing and Certification Institute, regarding their low smoke density during combustion. In case of a fire accident, DUROFLEX PLUS and SUPERFLEX PLUS conduits, release low smoke emissions, ensuring better visibility of escape ways and thus help the evacuation operations by rescue crews.

According to the new requirements of the 364/2016/EU Regulation for the fire protection in buildings, there are three main factors which must be especially considered when specifying and selecting plastic conduits for cable management and protection:

  • FIRE RESISTANCE (the degree to which a construction material can withstand in case of fire and prevents the propagation of flame)
  • LOW SMOKE (the quantity and density of smoke emitted during combustion)
  • HALOGE FREE RAW MATERIALS (the degree of toxicity and corrosiveness emitted in case of fire)

DUROFLEX PLUS and SUPERFLEX PLUS conduits have been tested for their non-flame propagating property according to EN 61386.01.

They have been also tested and certified by VDE for their low smoke emission during combustion according to EN 61034-2 and also for the use of halogen free raw materials according to EN 50642 and EN 60754-2.

The use of halogen free and low smoke construction materials could be vital for the safety of people in a burning building, as the 60% of fatalities in case of fire are caused by toxic gases and dense smoke emitted. In addition, the corrosive gases can damage all areas exposed to smoke, including the mechanical equipment installed in an industrial area. They can also be very harmful for the environment because they release vey high levels of carbon monoxide.

The combination of low toxicity and corrosiveness and superior temperature resistance make DUROFLEX PLUS & SUPERFLEX PLUS plastic conduits ideal for modern applications requiring high performance, safety reliability and low environmental footprint.

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