New upgrades for GEONFLEX & GEOSUB double wall conduits

Although GEONFLEX and GEOSUB plastic conduits for buried underground networks look similar, their technical characteristics have subtle differences.

We carefully listen to your needs and we are constantly trying to satisfy them, so we proceeded to some important upgrades to make GEONFLEX Ν750 and GEOSUB L450 differentiation easier both for the electricians and the electrical supply stores.

Longitudinal lines

We changed the width of the longitudinal lines of GEONFLEX and GEOSUB conduits, defining longitudinal broad stripes of indelible color for GEONFLEX conduits and thin stripes of indelible color for GEOSUB conduits.

Safety strap

We also modified the color of safety straps to make easier their packaging differentiation. GEOSUB conduits are packed with special BLACK safety straps, while GEONFLEX conduits are packed with WHITE safety straps.


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