The new industrial facilities of KOUVIDIS were honored at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2023

After a very short time since the completion of the new building facilities of KOUVIDIS, the company received two essential distinctions at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2023 that were held on Monday 23rd October 2023 at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel in Athens. More specifically, KOUVIDIS received the Gold award at the category “Management of Industrial Facilities” for the pioneer design, the implementation and operation of the new facilities. Moreover, KOUVIDIS received the Bronze award at the category “Net Zero footprint” for the essential investments that have been made towards reducing the environmental footprint of the new bioclimatic factory.

Golden distinction for the holistic approach for the management of the new industrial facilities of KOUVIDIS

It was in 2018 when the foundations of the new bioclimatic factory of KOUVIDIS began to be placed. The company’s utmost objective was to create facilities that will constitute a marvel among the Greek industry. The project was completed in 2023 and the bioclimatic building is totally intertwined with the company’s culture, which is based on three axis: Innovation, Quality, Safety for the people and the environment.


This honoring distinction is the culmination of the innovative design of the facilities aimed at the well-being of the employees. The ultimate goal was to create an environment which will indirectly motivate the productivity of the employees by freeing the from secondary tasks and focusing on their main activities.

The new building facilities were designed having in mind the creation of a “green” factory, with real-time data for the total electromechanical infrastructure which can drastically affect the energy savings and the footprint of the industrial facilities.

Essential distinction for the strategic path towards a zero environmental footprint


The company’s strategic goals outline the reduce of the environmental footprint, aiming to its elimination up to 2050 and led to this distinction for the eco-friendly strategies that KOUVIDIS embrace. The installation of the net metering system with photovoltaic panels that cover up to 100% of the total energy consumption of the production in the new building, the geothermal heat pumps and VSD motors that have been installed on the production machines are some of the crucial factors that led to this honoring awarding.




On top of the new bioclimatic building, KOUVIDIS invests in the production of multilayer conduits, the raw materials of which are more friendly to people and the environment in comparison to compatible conduits. In addition, the company’s approach about the packaging of the products and the transportation management using the modern fleet of KLS KOUVIDIS Logistics Services are strong indications for the strategic direction of the company towards eliminating the environmental footprint up to 2050.


The ”Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2023” institution

Manufacturing Excellence Awards are organized since 2019 by BOUSSIAS and target to the acknowledgement and rewarding the efficiency & excellence of companies and service providers for the industry in Greece. For more information about the institution, please check here.