Enhance your knowledge and build your future

Knowledge has no limits. The more knowledge we get the better we improve our skills. We believe that sharing knowledge and continuous training are two key factors to success. A part of our mission is to provide to the installer, the engineer, the salesman and the student the required technical background, so that they will be able to choose the appropriate piping systems for relevant application fields and install them correctly.


Based on the above principles we have designed and developed, since 2011, a series of special training programs, OPEN HOUSE, OPEN SEMINAR and OPEN DAY for customers, collaborators and students. KOUVIDIS education program is based on three axes, training, information and technical support. Our company has also developed since 2017, a new innovative for our industry training program, OPEN PHONE.

KOUVIDIS education programs mission is not only to provide technical support. We aim to introduce to the participants our culture, philosophy and people to have a better understanding of our passion for quality, innovation and safety in electrical installations.

Training in authorized sales points

Our mechanical engineer specialists make full day visits in authorized sales points of our distribution network of electrical/plumbing equipment. During their visit they provide technical support, exchange views with the participants and present new products and technologies in plastic piping systems. OPEN DAY training program is held throughout the Greek and Cypriot territories in cooperation with the store manager. Open invitations are sent to all interested parties.

Duration: Opening hours of the store
Location: Electrical/ Plumbing supply stores
Lecturer: mechanical engineer specialists of KOUVIDIS sales team
Participants: Electricians, plumbers and distributors

We open our doors

OPEN HOUSE training program combines education and Cretan tradition. The participants will have the opportunity to visit our premises, learn more about our production process and enrich their technical knowledge. The visit duration ranges from 1 to 3 days and is accompanied by cultural and gastronomic activities.

OPENHOUSE is carried out in our premises in Heraklion, Crete, Greece in cooperation with our authorized distribution network, associations of professional electricians or plumbers and educational institutions. A certificate of attendance is provided to all the participants.

Duration: 1 to 3 days
Location: KOUVIDIS premises in Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Lecturers: carried out by KOUVIDIS CEO, plant manager, R&D manager and education manager
Participants: Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers, distributors, students, technical services

We are coming to your place

Easy access to education is crucial for us. We designed OPENSEMINAR training program to share our knowledge with you at your own place. At the same time, we organized three seminar rooms at our distribution centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Nicosia as alternative education spaces.

You will choose the meeting point and our specialized mechanical engineers will come to introduce you KOUVIDIS culture and philosophy, present new products, share with you their know - how and answer your technical questions during a 3-4 hours training program.

Duration: 3-4 hours
Location: Athens, Thessaloniki, Nicosia, your own place.
Lecturer: KOUVIDIS technical support manager
Participants: Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers, distributors, students, technical services

Let’s make a phone call

We care about your work, we listen to your needs, and we are constantly trying to meet them. OPENPHONE customer experience program aims to build a two – way communication channel with the installer in order to discover his needs and improve our time response to his technical inquiries. OPENPHONE is based on the validity of shared information for using our products with safety.

In the past 12 months we have contacted more than 6000 electrical installers in Greece and Cyprus, responding to over 500 technical questions and offering around 2000 promotion gifts.

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Location: Phone call
Lecturer: a person of KOUVIDIS B2C sales team
Participants: Electricians, Plumbers