Our people
Our people are the most valuable part of KOUVIDIS being the heart of any deed. They create value, they write our history and they hide behind every success.
Our people are our inspiration

Our people are our most important competitive advantage. They contribute to our vision fulfillment, building our company’s future.

We know that in a great workplace, benefits are not enough to improve employee’s satisfaction and efficiency. The relationships and values between people are also extremely important. We aim to build strong and long term relationships with our people based on mutual benefit, sincerity and respect.

We respect our people, we invest in their unique personality and their strong advantages, trying to promote a workplace culture where all of them will be able to fulfill their goals.




of human resources (2018 - 2021)


of work in the company
(average time)


come from local society


are university graduates


hold managerial responsibilities

Based on the principle that customer satisfaction is directly influenced by employee satisfaction, we build our people inspiration and encouragement on three main axes, their satisfaction, their identification with corporate values and their commitment to the company’s mission.

We care about health and safety of our employees

The effective health and safety management in a workplace is our main priority. As we are sensitive to such crucial issues, we have developed and implemented a management system for Occupational Health and Safety for our employees, according to the standard ISO 45001 , certified by the international certification body BUREAU VERITAS. We adopt a series of procedures in order to reduce the accidents through prevention, training and use of appropriate personal protective equipment.


of implementation ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001


without accidents


dedicated to the employee’s safety

Learn more about our management system for Occupational Health and Safety according to the standard ISO 45001

We keep our people at the heart of all our actions

We are constantly trying to motivate our employees and strengthen their emotional intelligence so that they can do their best in their work. We aim to develop our people skills so that they will stand out in any corporate or social environment they may be.

Our distinction in the internationally recognized competition Best Workplaces as one of the 25 best workplaces in Greece for 2017, held annually by Great Place to Work Hellas, was the milestone of our people commitment, consistency and confidence to our company.

«Our philosophy is clear employee oriented. We keep our people at the heart of all our actions. We know that happy employees make happy customers.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We really thank them for standing by us, adopting our founder’s, Emmanuel Kouvidis values.

We commit ourselves to work together like a big family aiming to constantly improve ourselves and services»

Konstantinos Kouvidis, CEO

Anonymous testimonials of KOUVIDIS employees that they mentioned during Best Workplaces2017 survey.

"We are members of a strong family. A few years ago, a colleague of us had a difficult family incident. The company organized a fundraiser to support our colleague and finally doubled the collected amount, boosting teamwork and solidarity."

"The company has clear goals that inspire my career future."

"A really friendly workplace. The members of the board and the employees are really close to each other."

"The company meets high standards and always faces all the challenges in a vigorous way."

We are constantly trying to improve our employees performance

The employee’s empowerment in a workplace is a difficult process. KOUVIDIS has developed an administration model to constantly empower its people so that they can improve their performance. This model is mainly based on employees continuous training developing both their personal skills and their knowledge. The company, holding a leading position in plastic pipes industry in Greece, applies a multi-parameter performance management system using alternative tools to motivate its staff, such as educational seminars, special training programs (OPEN HOUSE, OPEN SEMINAR, OPEN DAY, OPEN PHONE), advanced information systems of latest technology and new administration models.

We believe that business excellence is a result of teamwork

The adoption of European model of business excellence has greatly helped our people to set goals and achieve them. The improvement of teamwork and communication skills and the better understanding of role hierarchy increased our people productivity and awarded the company for its commitment to business excellence (EFQM) for two consecutive years 2011 & 2013 by Hellenic Management Association.

«Quality has been embedded in KOUVIDIS culture since its founding in 1979.

We are constantly trying to adopt this value in all our actions. The implementation of our three Total Quality Management systems was the beginning.

European Certification for Business Excellence and Quality award was the next step. EFQM philosophy is similar to ours. Its structure improves our way of thinking»

Konstantinos Kouvidis, CEO