SUPERSOL PLUS IAS 3layer rigid conduit with anti-electromagnetic technology

  • CLASS:23431

The new 3layer conduit SUPERSOL PLUS drives to a new era in the plastic rigid conduits. This is the first rigid multilayer plastic conduit in Greece for electrical installations. SUPERSOL PLUS adopts the multilayer technology which KOUVIDIS has developed since 2012 and consists of 3 different layers that encompass innovative technologies whilst maintaining a competitive price.

SUPERSOL PLUS is produced in diameters (Dout) Ø16, Ø20, Ø25 and Ø32 and is fully compliant with the European Standard (EN 61386.21). The 3layer conduit SUPERSOL PLUS forms a plastic conduits system with the pliable 3layer conduit SUPERFLEX PLUS with anti-electromagnetic technology with the use of the connection coupler SUPERSOL PLUS.
The inner layer of the conduit encompasses the innovative anti-electromagnetic technology as well as a special ultra slip material which ensures the smooth insertion of the cables.


Consistently, the third layer of the conduit consists of 4 longitudinal lines of indelible color which creates a long lasting color marking between electrical installations and communication systems; red lines indicate power cable whereas green lines indicate telecommunication cables.

The 3layer conduit SUPERSOL PLUS is produced from specially stabilized thermoplastic PP, free of halogens (EN 50642) and heavy metals (RoHS) whilst demonstrating low smoke emissions (EN 61034-2) which makes the conduit a reliable and safe solution at the electrical installation in case of fire.


SUPERSOL PLUS is designed in such a way that constitutes the best solution for concealed electrical installations such as underplaster, dry walls, sub-ceiling, sub-floor and chipboard, in indoor spaces such as office buildings, hotel rooms and residences.

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:EN 61386.21, ΕΝ 50642, ΕΝ 60754-2, ΕΝ 61034-2
  • COLOR:RAL 1023 yellow (outer layer), RAL 9004 black (inner layer) RAL 3020 red (longitudinal lines), RAL 6037 green (longitudinal lines)
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • Minimum compression strength
  • Minimum impact strength
  • Ingress protection against solid objects and water (EN 60529)
  • Non flame propagating product
  • Friction reduction at the internal wall of double walls conduits
  • Low smoke during combustion (EN 61034-2)
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials – absence of fluorine, iodine, bromine, chlorine, etc (ΕΝ 50642)
  • Nominal outer diameter (mm)
  • Antistatic Technology
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Anti - electromagnetic technology
1The inner layer incorporates an innovative Anti - Electromagnetic Technology
220% lower friction due to special slip material added in the internal layer (test conducted according to IEC/TR 62470)
3Longitudinal stripes of indelible color indicate the power of the protected cables
4No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
5High mechanical resistance in high temperature of (105oC)
6Ideal for concealed type installations in plasterboard, cavity walls and sub-ceiling
7Incorporates antistatic technology which protects against static electricity (Patent Protected: 1009810)
8Low smoke density during combustion
9Clean and fast cutting with the use of professional pipe shears
Properties Class
Resistance to compression 320Nt/5cm 2
Resistance to impact 2J (at-25oC) 3
Lower temperature range -25oC 4
Upper temperature range +105oC 3
Resistance to bending Rigid 1
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics 2
Protection against ingress of solid objects min IP65 6
Protection against ingress of water min IP65 5
Resistance against corrosion Not applicable 0
Tensile strength None declared 0
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating 1
Suspended load capacity None declared 0


Additional properties
Raw material Halogen free, heavy metals free (RoHS) and specially stabilized thermoplastic PP
Anti – electromagnetic technology Absorbs a part of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cables
Lower frictions Special slip material added in the internal layer
Color marking Longitudinal stripes of indelible color indicate the power of the protected cables
Halogen free No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
Low smoke Better visibility of escape ways
Antistatic Technology Protection against static electricity
Type Part Number

power / telecommunication


Ø16 1017016/1018016 16.0 13.4 57 3.30 7410
Ø20 1017020/1018020 20.0 17.5 57 3.93 5130
Ø25 1017025/1018025 25.0 22.1 30 3.00 3300
Ø32 1017032/1018032 32.0 28.4 30 4.20 1920
  • Recommended
  • Not recommended
  • Ideal according to the manufacturer
Concealed (dry wall)
Concealed (underplaster)
Underfloor in screed
Buried underground
Application on wood
Concealed (floor, ceilings)
SUPERSOL PLUS – Declaration of Conformity
SUPERSOL PLUS – Product Data Sheet
SUPERSOL PLUS- Technical Data Sheet
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
ISO 9001 Certificate