METAL CLAMP KOUVIDIS Metal clip for drywall

The new specially designed metal clamp of KOUVIDIS is the ideal solution for mounting rigid and pliable conduits quickly, easily and with safety on dry walls and wooden walls.

It is produced from galvanized steel, type Sendzimir (by adding aluminum in the zinc mixture), which provides maximum antioxidant protection, high mechanical strength and durability over time. Installing the metal clamp is very easy, avoiding piercing; it is installed with the single use of a hammer (suggested hammer head 25x25mm).

Each side has three hooks out of which the two have a special bent and thus they do not traumatize the dry wall or the wooden wall while they are penetrated into the inner body. The middle hook is vertical, providing thus the necessary strength for the clip’s safe installation. Hooks’ length is designed to not surpass the width of the dry wall or wooden wall. Finally, the special notches at the side walls of KOUVIDIS metal clamp hold the conduit evenly and protect it from the hammer’s blow pressure.


KOUVIDIS metal clamp is the ideal solution for mounting conduits on dry walls, wooden walls, and chipboards.

  • NOMINAL DIAMETER:Nominal outer diameter (DN/OD)
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
1Ideal for the 3layer conduit system SUPERSOL PLUS and SUPERFLEX PLUS for concealed type insallations
2We recommend using 25x25 mm face hammer
3Specially designed hooks without damaging the outside of the wall
4Smart design which holds perfectly the conduit
5Clamp's material is Sendzimir galvanized steel for additional anti-corrosion protection
6Specially designed for drywall and chipboard walls
Application Stand EN 61386-25
Material Galvanized Steel (Sendzimir)
Anti-corrosion treated Yes
Heavy Metals Free (RoHS) Yes


Type Part Number
Ø16 6000024 108 344
Ø20 6000025 96 1042
Ø25 6000026 72 275
Ø32 6000027 48 208
Product guide
ISO 9001 Certificate
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
3layer conduits system SUPERSOL PLUS – SUPERFLEX PLUS