KOUVIDIS enters the supply chain industry

With just over 40 years of successful presence in the plastic conduits industry, KOUVIDIS is making a new business step and penetrates into a different world, the supply chain industry, by founding a new subsidiary named KLS KOUVIDIS Logistics.

KLS KOUVIDIS Logistics is a new, vibrant company that is 100% subsidiary of KOUVIDIS, and intends to contribute to the supply chain industry by introducing a differed operational culture.

Transportation and distribution have always been an integral part of KOUVIDIS’ operational business, since the very first time their products had to be distributed to its end customers. All this passion about quality and secure transportations led to the creation of the first trucks fleet in 1990, focusing on the daily customer service and satisfaction. Thus, after 30 years building on the know-how in daily transports, KOUVIDIS is considered one of the most reliable distributors of wholesale goods in the electrical industry.

Two essential factors were the decisive reasons for this holistic and orchestrated verticalization; at first, the company was facing an uprising need for distributing their products to its owned distribution centers within Greece and abroad. Moreover, KOUVIDIS aimed to establish an integrated supply chain experience.

Therefore, foundation of KLS KOUVIDIS Logistics took place where, along with the safe and viable distribution of KOUVIDIS’ products, undertakes the transport of any kind of dry loads by executing daily itineraries to and from the destinations of Crete, Athens and Thessaloniki.

At the moment, the fleet consists of 22 vehicles carrying the seal of MERCEDES BENZ & SCHMITZ CARGOBULL, armed with advanced tracking systems (GPS), electronic tachographs and Bureau Veritas certifications for the implementation of the international standards ISO 39001 (road traffic safety) and ISO 9001 (quality management systems).

Based on these strong foundations, KLS KOUVIDIS Logistics aspires to provide high quality logistics services.

For more information about our new company, you may visit www.kls-logistics.gr. Please keep in mind that currently, the website is in Greek only.