Spacers for GEONFLEX, GEOSUB conduits

A spacer is a useful fitting that is used in plastic conduits installations in buried underground power and telecommunication networks. It helps create a straight and stable routing that facilitates the passage of cables inside the conduits and enables their immediate identification maintaining their locations fixed along the entire network. It also ensures the constant and uniform filling of the installation trench while also it improves the heat transfer effect between cables which becomes more prominent when conduits are in direct contact with each other. The use of spacers can significantly shorten the installation time since it is not required to install posts or use other materials in order to separate the conduits in the trench.


Ideal for protection and management of buried underground power and telecommunication networks.

  • COLOR:RAL 9004 Black
  • Πιστότητα προϊόντος, ως προς το σύνολο των απαιτήσεων των ευρωπαϊκών oδηγιών στις οποίες ανήκει
  • Εύρος θερµοκρασιακής αντοχής
  • Προϊόν που διαδίδει τη φλόγα
1It is recommended that spacers be placed at 1.5 metre intervals, so that the appropriate distance between them can be maintained
2They have two rows of support points (four support points each) and they can be easily joined, thanks to their intelligent connection system
3Their special construction allows them to be easily separated in a single move, in one row or in fewer positions depending on the requirements of the specific installation
4There is sufficient support width at each position to prevent the creation of point loads on the conduits
Raw material Specially stabilized thermoplastic PP, halogen free and heavy metals free (RoHS)
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
Resistance to flame propagating Flame propagating
Temperature resistance range -50C to +90οC
Compatibility (conduit nominal outer diameter) Ø50, Ø63, Ø75, Ø90, Ø110, Ø125, Ø160
Type No. of positions Part number
Ø50 8(4χ2) 6121050 323 101 28 78 45 4500
Ø63 8(4χ2) 6121063 376 116 28 91 25 2400
Ø75 8(4χ2) 6121075 425 131 28 103 20 1920
Ø90 8(4χ2) 6121090 484 147 28 118 72 2016
Ø110 8(4χ2) 6121110 575 210 30 140 42 672
Ø125 8(4χ2) 6121125 664 233 38 163 32 384
Ø160 4(2χ2) 6121160 452 299 60 219 39 468


Spacer – Declaration of Conformity
ISO 9001 Quality management system
VDE RoHS Certificate
Spacers – Technical Data Sheet
Plastic conduit systems for buried underground networks
Spacers for double wall conduits GEONFLEX, GEOSUB
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
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