GEONFLEX IAS Double structured wall rigid conduit

  • CLASS:Ν750

GEONFLEX N750 rigid conduit in bars was designed in 2011 and presented in Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany in 2012. It belongs to double wall conduits family and is one of the most important investments of KOUVIDIS in the field of cable management and protection in buried underground networks. Its high quality and mechanical resistance, which is the maximum according to EN 61386-24, make it unique in European market. In 2017, the company launched the 2nd generation of GEONFLEX N750 with color marking, which specifies the color coding according to the application field (electrical installations or communication systems), upgrading both product itself and electrician’s work.



Ideal for protection and management of buried underground power and telecommunication networks (motorways, road networks, tunnels etc.), urban development projects (pedestrianization, shaping of public spaces, rehabilitation of historic centers, etc.), RES urban development projects (photovoltaic and wind parks), construction projects such as industrial buildings, shopping centers, housing, etc.

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:EN 61386-24, NF P98-332/EN 12613 & ΕΝ 50520 (Reference Standards)
  • COLOR:RAL 3020 red (inner layer, longitudinal lines), RAL 9004 black (outer layer)
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • The product and its production process are inspected and approved by VDE German institute
  • Minimum compression strength
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Ingress protection against solid objects and water (EN 60529)
  • Product with extra UV stability
  • Product that propagates flame
  • Friction reduction at the internal wall of double walls conduits
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials – absence of fluorine, iodine, bromine, chlorine, etc (ΕΝ 50642)
  • Product is not an attractive food to rodents
  • Antistatic Technology
1Special material (slip) speeds up the routing of cables due to significant low friction rate up to 50%
2Not attractive to rodents (European Patent EP2698792). The internal layer incorporates animal repellent
3Ensures Ingress Protection IP44 when connecting with KOUVIDIS connection couplers with hooks and IP68 when using KOUVIDIS adhesive and sealant
4UV stabilized > 5 years
5It has been tested and certified by VDE German Institute
6Printed with indelible color with their basic properties and affixed with an informative waterproof indelible green label.
7Longitudinal broad stripes of indelible color indicate the power of the protected cables
8Incorporates antistatic technology which protects against static electricity (Patent Protected: 1009810)
Resistance to compression 750 Nt (Type 750)
Resistance to impact Normal
Lower temperature range -5oC
Upper temperature range +90oC
Resistance to bending Rigid
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
IP ingress protection IP44 (coupler connected)
IP 68 (Coupler bonded with KOUVIDIS sealant)
Resistance to flame propagating Flame propagating


Additional properties
Raw material Halogen free, heavy metals free (RoHS) and
specially stabilized thermoplastic HDPE
Ageing resistance UV stabilized ( 5 years)
Low friction (internal layer) Special material (slip) speeds up the routing of cables
Rodent repellent Not attractive to rodents
(the internal layer incorporates animal repellent)
Color marking Longitudinal broad stripes of indelible color indicate the power of the protected cables
Antistatic Technology Protection against static electricity

Part number

Ø75 1007075 75 60.0 6 2,90 10080
Ø90 1007090 90 74.0 6 3,60 6912
Ø110 1007110 110 92.0 6 4,30 4800
Ø125 1007125 125 104.5 6 5,30 3072
Ø160 1007160 160 136.0 6 8,30 2520
Ø200 1007200 200 167.5 6 9,70 1800
Ø250 1007200 250 212.0 6 16,70 960


  • Recommended
  • Not recommended
  • Ideal according to the manufacturer
Concealed (dry wall)
Concealed (underplaster)
Underfloor in screed
Buried underground
Application on wood
Concealed (floor, ceilings)
GEONFLEX rigid conduit (OD75 – OD200) – Declaration of conformity
GEONFLEX rigid conduit OD250 – Declaration of conformity
GEONFLEX – VDE Marks Approval
GEONFLEX OD250 rigid conduit – Certificate of conformity
GEONFLEX rigid conduit – Technical Data Sheet
Plastic conduit systems for buried underground networks
ISO 9001 Certificate
VDE RoHS Certificate
GEONFLEX rigid conduit – Product Data Sheet