New 2nd generation GEONFLEX & GEOSUB conduits

Following the method of co-extrusion a third independent layer of longitudinal lines, in indelible color, is incorporated, during the production process, on the outer conduit’s corrugated wall creating a long lasting color marking between electrical installations and communication systems.

In this way, our new second-generation conduits, protect the personnel performing technical installation or maintenance tasks by warning them about the riskiness of the buried underground pipelines. At the same time, they facilitate engineer’s work providing a better and safer way of networking.

Finally, our new second-generation conduits achieve increased resistance to solar radiation (UV), longer than 5 years, which is necessary in order to ensure their mechanical properties after a long period of storage in the warehouse or in the construction site.

The color identification of the new second generation GEONFLEX® & GEOSUB® conduits follows the rules set by the French Standard NF P 98-332 which specifies the pipeline coloring according to the application field and the minimum distances buried pipes should have between each other.

The new warning marking, of our new conduits, follows the specifications of products intended to protect and warn of buried underground installations according to the European Standards EN 12613 & EN 50520.



GEONFLEX & GEOSUB can be produced with different color cooding upon request.



Plastic conduit systems for buried underground networks