Extension of color marking in drainage conduits series GEODRAIN®

KOUVIDIS company, in the context of the continuous improvement of its products and its commitment to offer the maximum safety to the installer and to the project, proceeded to a very important upgrade to its drainage conduits GEODRAIN®. This upgrade is concerning the creation of a 3rd layer of 4 blue longitudinal lines of indelible color along the GEODRAIN® drainage conduits. With this new addition KOUVIDIS drainage pipes warn the personnel that is performing installation or maintenance works, for the passage of water inside the pipes, offering an easy and fast identification of the conduit’s purpose. This blue color marking is based on the French Standard NF-P 98332, and it is patent protected (Patent no: 1009158).

KOUVIDIS, a pioneer in the field of safety and quality was already using color marking in structured wall conduits in order to identify electrical installations (red color) from telecommunication (green color). With the addition of the blue color marking, KOUVIDIS company now offers the maximum possible warning to the installer regarding the conduits’ content, that may be encountered in a project.