KOUVIDIS collaborates with the National Technical University of Athens and EVETAM-MIRTEC

Contemporary buildings are facing an uprising need for safety and increased resistance to ageing, which have generated stricter demands for the compliance of the building materials that are utilized. One of the greatest threats for a building’s safety is fire, which can put human life in danger and cause unprecedented damage to the building itself.

Plastic conduits being used for the protection of insulated conductors/cables constitute an essential category of materials that must meet the strict fire protection standards of a building. KOUVIDIS, always committed to research and development, collaborates with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and EVETAM-MIRTEC aiming for the design and development of a new product category with limited environmental footprint. These new products will be developed with the scope of contributing even more to the building’s safety.

To dig in a little bit deeper, this is a new category development of double-layered plastic conduits for cable protection, for building installations which will be characterized by high resistance to fire and ageing in outdoor conditions (UV resistance).

Consistent with this notion, halogen free substance will prevent the emission of toxic and corrosive gases in case of fire, whilst reducing the density of emitted smoke and thus helping the work of rescue teams.

To turn this project into reality, KOUVIDIS collaborates with the Polymer Technology laboratory of the NTUA who are responsible for the development of the best-suited raw materials on a laboratory scale. The next step will include the conduction of the necessary tests that need to be done in order to optimize the new products before the final stage of production. This will be accomplished with the assistance of EVETAM-MIRTEC, the most recognized national body for laboratory testing, certification and quality.

The aforementioned project development is being conducted in the context of the 2nd Cycle of the action RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE, which ultimately aims at connecting research, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as strengthening the competitiveness and productivity of Greek businesses. It is expected to be completed within the next 3 years.

In the meantime we will keep you updated.