Color identification of networks in concealed type installations

Applying our know–how on multi–layer conduits, KOUVIDIS enhances the safety in concealed type electrical installations using the color identification for networks.

Following the method of co-extrusion, a third independent layer of longitudinal lines in indelible color is incorporated during the production process, on the outer wall of DUROFLEX PLUS and SUPERFLEX PLUS conduits, creating a long lasting color marking between electrical and telecommunication networks.

In this way, color marking protects the personnel performing technical installations or maintenance tasks by warning them about the riskiness of the cables. At the same time, it facilitates engineer’s work providing a better and safer way of networking.

The color identification of networks follows the rules set by the Standard NF P 98-332 which specifies the pipeline coloring according to the application field. The patent has been protected by Hellenic Industrial Property Organization.

Red color marking indicates the protection of electrical cables, whereas green color marking is used for the protection of telecommunication cables.

KOUVIDIS was the first authentic Greek company that applied, since 2017, the color identification on GEONFLEX N750 and GEOSUB L450 conduits in buried underground networks.