New generation of 3 layer plastic conduits for concealed installations in plasterboard

We are really proud to introduce you our new generation conduits SUPERFLEX PLUS (320Nt) for concealed type electrical installations in plasterboard.

SUPERFLEX PLUS conduits consist of three layers, a corrugated external wall which provides the necessary flexibility and the required mechanical strength, an internal layer which follows the geometry of the outer layer, facilitating the smooth insertion of the cables and a third independent layer of longitudinal lines, in indelible color, creating a long lasting color marking between electrical installations and communication systems.

The inner layer of SUPERFLEX PLUS plastic conduit incorporates a new innovative anti – electromagnetic technology which absorbs a part of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cables, preventing it from reaching the interior of the building.

SUPERFLEX PLUS light type plastic conduits (320Nt), are made from halogen free and heavy metals free raw materials, incorporate a special slip material which reduces friction by 40% and a special anti – rodent ecological additive. They are produced in accordance with the requirements of European Standard EN 61386-22 in diameters of Ø16, Ø20, Ø25 and Ø32. Their new specially designed packaging saves from 25% – 50% more storage space.

For further Information please contact KOUVIDIS Technical Support Department +30 2810831500, daily from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm Eastern time.