Sealing ring Sealing of GEOSAN PE female moulded end

Elastomeric sealing ring for female free end is produced by EPDM and is necessary for the connection of GEOSAN PE double structured wall pipes. This specific elastomeric sealing ring is for the inner wall of the molded female end of the pipe. ATTENTION: The pipes are produced and offered with the current elastomeric sealing ring (pre-installed).


They are intended to be used for the connection of plastic pipes (DN/OD) and fittings in non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage networks.

  • COLOR:RAL 9004 Black
  • Nominal outer diameter (mm)
Type Part number
OD200 6104030
OD250 6104031
OD315 6104032
OD400 6104033
OD500 6104034
OD630 6104035
GEOSAN pipes for waste water sewage
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