GEODRAIN PLUS Double structured perforated wall rigid conduit with Geotextile

  • CLASS:SN4 | SN8

GEODRAIN PLUS is a new generation 4-layered rigid conduit for drainage produced in 6m bars with SN4 & SN8 ring stiffness. It has two walls structured together and symmetrically perforated at 2200. The first layer consists of its smooth interior surface which facilitates the smooth flow of water while the second layer consists of its corrugated exterior which provides flexibility and mechanical resistance. The 3rd layer is consisted of the 4 longitudinal blue lines for the color identification of water. GEODRAIN PLUS is offered with pre-installed needle-punched, non-woven geotextile (150gr/m²) which consists its 4th layer.

The Geotextile used in the GEODRAIN PLUS conduits has up to 5 years UV resistance and is accompanied by a Declaration of Performance and bears the CE marking. It is installed online around the conduit at the production process with advanced sealing technology for stable and even distribution of the geotextile. The Geotextile works as a filter protecting the conduit perforation system from soil substances.


They are suitable for subsoil drainage in all types of residential buildings, stadiums and surrounding areas, industrial and commercial applications, photovoltaic parks, agricultural applications, landfills, uncontrolled landfills and road networks.

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:EN ISO 9969, DIN 4262-1 (Reference Standard)
  • COLOR:RAL 9004 Black, RAL 6038 Green
  • Product with extra UV stability
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials – absence of fluorine, iodine, bromine, chlorine, etc (ΕΝ 50642)
  • Nominal outer diameter (mm)
  • Chemical resistance ISO 10358
  • Product type DIN 4262-1
  • Punching Degrees
  • Ring Stiffness
1SN 4 | SN 8 Ring Stiffness according to EN ISO 9969
2It has a perforation of 220 o carried out by advanced machinery along its entire length
3Marked with engraving and packed with safety straps
4Color marking with 4 blue longitudinal lines according to NF-P 98332
5It has corrosion resistance
6Exceptional resistance to solar radiation thanks to the aging stabilizers incorporated in the raw material of its outer wall
7Its much lower weight facilitates its loading, transport and storage
8Its engraved marking is a guide for the right laying of pipes on the trench
9Each bar includes a socket with hooks (integrated or separate)
Reference Standard DIN 4262-1
Type R2 (DIN 4262-1)
Raw material Halogen free, heavy metals free (RoHS) and specially stabilized thermoplastic HDPE
Ring Stiffness (EN ISO 9969) SN4 | SN8
Ageing resistance 5 years
Chemical resistance (ISO 10358) Yes
Degrees of perforation (DIN 4262-1) 220ο ±10 (locally perforated)
Perforation area (DIN 4262-1) >50cm /m
Nominal diameters (mm) Outer (OD): 110, 125, 160, 200
Packaging bars of 6m
Connection technology Available with a sealing ring and a socket (integrated or separate)
Part number


Part number


1012110 1013110 110 91 6 4800
1012125 10133125 125 105 6 3072
1012160 1013160 160 134 6 2520
1012200 1013200 200 169 6 1800
ISO 9001 Certificate
GEODRAIN PLUS rigid pipe – Test certificate
GEODRAIN PLUS rigid conduit – Product Data Sheet
GEODRAIN PLUS perforated double-structured wall conduits with built-in geotextile