CONDUR ISR junction box with grommets

KOUVIDIS launched COUNDUR junction boxes in 1992 in order to replace the metal ones. Since then, the company has proceeded to many upgrades to improve their functionality, ergonomics and mechanical strength. CONDUR junction boxes have gained the trust of the electrical installer and have been used in thousands of construction projects due to their high quality and reliability. They are a part of CONDUR – CONFLEX, MEDISOL – MEDIFLEX, SILCOR – SIFLEX, CONDUR HF – CONFLEX HF conduit systems for cable management and protection.


Ideal for exposed electrical installations.

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:EN 60670-22, EN 50642
  • COLOR:RAL 7035 Light grey
  • Πιστότητα προϊόντος, ως προς το σύνολο των απαιτήσεων των ευρωπαϊκών oδηγιών στις οποίες ανήκει
  • Εύρος θερµοκρασιακής αντοχής
  • Βαθµός στεγανότητας έναντι στερεών σωµατιδίων και νερού (EN 60529)
  • Αντίσταση στη γήρανση
  • Αντίσταση στη διάδοση φλογών
  • Προϊόν από πρώτες ύλες ελεύθερες αλογόνων. ∆εν περιέχει φθόριο, ιώδιο, βρώµιο, χλώριο κ.λ.π. (EN 50642)
  • Το προϊόν δεν αποτελεί ελκυστική τροφή για τρωκτικά
  • Αντιστατική Τεχνολογία
  • Αντιχαρακτική τεχνολογία
1The holes are plugged in with special grommets for easy cable entry. The indicated dimensions on them is a guide for proper drilling depending on the thickness of the incoming cable
2Watertight due to their elastic and directly mounted cover plate, providing Ingress Protection IP 55
3At the base of the boxes are four inputs (knock outs) with dimensions between Ø20 and Ø32 of which conduits or wires can be entered. Their removal is performed using an additional tool
4On each side there are special guides for the horizontal / vertical alignment of the box with the rest of the installation
5Each side of the boxes has provision for condensation when needed for the electrical installation
6Flame retardant raw materials with 650οC thermal resistance (Glow wire test- IEC 60695-2)
7Inside the boxes there are special ports for horizontal or diagonal positioning of additional installation mechanisms (eg Starters)
8No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
9Incorporates antistatic technology which protects against static electricity (Patent Protected: 1009810)
Raw material PS (Cover plate and plug in seals are made of PE)
Temperature range -25oC to +60oC
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating
Number of entries 7
Seals Plug in grommets
Ingress protection ΙΡ55
Number of base knock outs 4
Conduit alignment Yes
Condensation opening Yes
Flame retardant 650oC
Voltage 800V
UV stability Yes
Halogen free No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
Antistatic technology Protection against static electricity
Type Part number
Ø16/20 3018016 67 38 21.6 10 240
Ø20/16 3018020 82 43 21.6 10 160
Ø25/32 3018025 101 51 35.1 5 40
CONDUR junction box with grommets – Declaration of conformity
CONDUR junction box with grommets – Technical Data Sheet
VDE RoHS Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
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