CONDUR HF IAS heavy type halogen free rigid conduit

  • CLASS:44441

CONDUR HF conduit belongs to KOUVIDIS halogen free product family that the company has developed since 2006. It is a part of CONDUR HF – CONFLEX HF conduit system for cable management and protection and is assembled with CONDUR fittings (couplers, clips, adaptors) and junction boxes. Its raw material is based on Polycarbonate (PC), a virtually unbreakable material that ensures extraordinary mechanical resistance to compression and impact at extreme temperatures*.  Its advanced properties make it ideal for projects of high mechanical requirements.

*CONDUR HF conduit is being tested by KOUVIDIS quality control lab for its impact resistance (6J) at -45oC


Ideal for outdoor/indoor exposed installations which require increased safety measures and high mechanical requirements such as public gathering places (airports, hotels, tunnels, malls, theaters, subways etc,) and places with costly mechanical equipment (engine rooms, industrial
spaces, computer rooms, etc.).

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:EN 61386.21, ΕΝ 50642, EN 60754-2
  • COLOR:RAL 7035 Light grey
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • The product and its production process are inspected and approved by VDE German institute
  • Minimum compression strength
  • Minimum impact strength
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Ingress protection against solid objects and water (EN 60529)
  • Product with extra UV stability
  • Non flame propagating product
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials – absence of fluorine, iodine, bromine, chlorine, etc (ΕΝ 50642)
  • Product is not an attractive food to rodents
  • Antistatic Technology
1No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
2CONDUR HF conduit is being tested by KOUVIDIS quality control lab for its impact resistance (6J) at -45oC
3High ingress protection (min IP65), when connected with CONDUR coupler
4Marked using embossed printing and packed with safety straps in blue color 100% recyclable polyethylene film
5Not attractive to rodents
6UV stabilized
7Incorporates antistatic technology which protects against static electricity (Patent Protected: 1009810)
Properties Class
Resistance to compression 1250Nt/5cm 4
Resistance to impact 6J (at -25oC) 4
Lower temperature range -25oC 4
Upper temperature range +120oC 4
Resistance to bending Rigid 1
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics 2
Protection against ingress of solid objects min IP65 6
Protection against ingress of water min IP65 5
Resistance against corrosion Not applicable 0
Tensile strength None declared 0
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating 1
Suspended load capacity None declared 0


Additional properties
Raw material Halogen free, heavy metals free (RoHS) and specially stabilized thermoplastic PC
Ageing resistance UV stabilized
Halogen free No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
Rodent repellent Not attractive to rodents
Antistatic technology Protection against static electricity
Type Part number
Ø16 1004016 16 12.5 30 2,66 6000
Ø20 1004020 20 16.2 30 3,55 5460
Ø25 1004025 25 20.8 15 2,32 2400
Ø32 1004032 32 27.5 15 3,29 1755
Ø40 1004040 40 34.8 9 2,51 1071
Ø50 1004050 50 45.1 9 3,97 702
Ø63 1004063 63 57.0 9 5,60 396
  • Recommended
  • Not recommended
  • Ideal according to the manufacturer
Concealed (dry wall)
Concealed (underplaster)
Underfloor in screed
Buried underground
Application on wood
Concealed (floor, ceilings)
CONDUR HF – Declaration of conformity
CONDUR HF conduit – Technical Data Sheet
Plastic conduit systems halogen free
CONDUR HF- VDE Test Report (acidity test)
CONDUR HF – VDE Test Report (halogen free test)
CONDUR HF conduit – Test certificate
CONDUR HF – VDE Marks Approval
VDE RoHS Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
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Aghia Sophia General Children’s Hospital