DUROSOL PLUS ISR connection coupler of pliable and rigid conduits

DUROSOL PLUS connection coupler is designed to connect with safety the 3layer conduits of KOUVIDIS, DUROSOL PLUSDUROFLEX PLUS, whilst securing minimum IP65 ingress protection. It is produced by specially stabilized thermoplastic PO blend and is black color RAL 9004.

DUROSOL PLUS connection coupler has inner lip finish for the proper and watertight fitting of the conduit systems on surface and concealed type installations.

Along with the 3layer conduits DUROSOL PLUS and DUROFLEX PLUS, the fittings (clip and adaptor) and the junction boxes with seals, all in black color RAL 9004, they compose a special conduit system which is capable of covering multiple needs at the electrical installation.

Ideal for numerous applications at the electrical installation, such as exposed (outdoor and indoor spaces, wooden walls, office ceilings, architectural surfaces) and concealed (concrete, screed).

  • COLOR:RAL 9004 Black
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • The product and its production process are inspected and approved by VDE German institute
  • Ingrees protection against solid objects and water (EN 60529)
  • Product with extra UV stability
  • Non flame propagating product
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials
  • Nominal outer diameter (mm)
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Antiscratch Technology ISR
1High ingress protection (min IP65), when connected with DUROSOL PLUS/DUROFLEX PLUS conduits
2It has an inner lip finish for the proper conduits fitting and assembling
3No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
4Incorporates antistatic technology which protects against static electricity (Patent Protected: 1009810)
5 Incorporates anti-scratch technology which reduces the surface wear on the inner layer caused by cable routing (Patent Protected: 1010513)
Raw material Halogen free, heavy metals free (RoHS) and specially stabilized thermoplastic PO Blend
Temperature range -25oC to +105oC
Ingress protection min ΙΡ65
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating
Halogen free No toxic or corrosive gases in case of fire
Antistatic Technology Protection against static electricity
Antiscratch Technology Protection against scratching from cable routing
Type Part number
Ø16 4047016 17.7 16 52.3 1.5 40 1920
Ø20 4047020 23.5 20 51.5 1.5 30 1890
Ø25 4047025 28.5 25 51.5 1.5 30 1440
Ø32 4047032 37.0 32 65 2 20 560
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ISO 9001 Certificate
RoHS Declaration of Conformity
DUROSOL PLUS – Declaration of Conformity
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