MULTIBOX 10x10 type junction box for cavity walls

KOUVIDIS has designed MULTIBOX (type 10×10) junction boxes in order to facilitate the installer’s work in flush mounting and cavity wall installations. MULTIBOX junction box embeds multiple of innovations and is produced by top quality raw materials that ensures maximum safety in the electrical installation.


Ideal for flush mounting and cavity wall installations.

  • APPLICATION STANDARD:ΕΝ 60670-22, EN 50642
  • COLOR:RAL 5019 Blue (box), RAL 9016 White (cover plate)
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Non flame propagating product
  • Product is made of halogen free raw materials – absence of fluorine, iodine, bromine, chlorine, etc (ΕΝ 50642)
1They extend to all directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) depending on the requirements of the electrical installation
2All sides consist of small 5x5mm easily removable square knock outs to permit entry of cables or pliable/ rigid conduits of different dimensions, up to Ø32
3Their design enables the use of separators defining different electrical circuits
4It has two conduit entries at the base (≤ Ø22mm)
5The cover plate is designed to be mounted directly to the box without supporting/holding screws
Lower temperature range  -15oC
Upper temperature range  +60oC
Resistance to heat 650oC
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
IP ingress protection ΙΡ30
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating


Additional Properties
Raw material Heavy metals free (RoHS), specially stabilized thermoplastic HIPS (base and separator) and PP (cover plate)
Conduit entries All side walls (2 at the base)
Type Part number
10×6 3012010 36
10×13 3012011 18
Cover plate 3112001 36
Seperators 3012009 36


MULTIBOX – Declaration of conformity
VDE RoHS Certificate
MULTIBOX – Technical Data Sheet
ISO 9001 Certificate