A continuous challenge
The world is evolving, plastic materials are constantly being developed, needs are expanding, consumers are more selective and the contemporary environment requires modern, effective and long lasting products.

Research, Development & Innovation

Our mission

KOUVIDIS is moving along precisely this track. We have consciously chosen the path of growth, research and continuous evolvement. We take care of our customers' needs and we are continuously working so that we are always one step ahead of them. We aim to offer innovative solutions that will protect the installer’s work and will also upgrade a modern building.

We are investing in our people ideas, listening carefully to our customers, choosing the best partners, consulting our country’s university institutions, implementing the relevant legislation, emphasizing on safety and testing our products in independent international recognized certification bodies.

Our 15 patent degrees protected by national or European patent office demonstrate our passion for continuous development of new value-added products that meet the modern challenges.

Innovation is our competitive advantage

Antimicrobial technology

Antimicrobial protection reduces the risk of multiplication of the microbes found into the building materials, when is incorporated on their surface, and can be beneficial in keeping the numbers of microbes relatively low in between episodes of cleaning, providing better hygiene conditions.

KOUVIDIS has designed plastic conduit systems with antimicrobial technology exclusively to cover sensitive areas where hygiene is top priority.

The antimicrobial technology incorporated in KOUVIDIS conduit systems can ensure a reduction of up to 99% of the most dangerous pathogenic microbes (MRSA, E-coli) within 24 hours

Patent No: 1007372
Plastic conduit systems with antimicrobial technology

Innovation is a part of KOUVIDIS culture since its founder developed the first plastic pipes in 1979 with extra ordinary features that exceeded the steel pipes of that era.


The protection of hygiene and the reduction of biological risks due to the growth and multiplication of pathogenic microbes in sanitary areas.


Designing a conduit system that will be full in compliance with the specifications for cable management and protection, incorporating antimicrobial technology which will neutralize the pathogenic bacteria reducing the danger of contamination.

Manufacturing technology

The antimicrobial technology is incorporated in the raw material of the product during the manufacturing process to ensure continuous, lifelong, antimicrobial protection and reduction of up to 99% of pathogenic microbes, while at the same time it will not affect the mechanical properties of the conduit system.


Two integrated conduit systems, MEDISOL® AM – MEDIFLEX® AM (made from PVC) and MEDISOL® AMHF – MEDIFLEX® AMHF (made from halogen free raw materials) in nominal outer diameters from Ø16 to Ø63, according to ΕΝ 61386.01, along with a complete series of fittings (bends, couplers, clips, adaptors) and junction boxes.

Protection and identification in buried underground networks

The management and protection of buried underground networks, the protection of the personnel performing technical installation or maintenance tasks and the facilitation of engineer’s work providing a better and safer way of networking, lead KOUVIDIS to design and invest in the development of plastic pipes with three different walls.

The first generation was presented in 2012, gaining electricians and engineers respect, while the second generation with color marking was launched in 2017, upgrading the way of cable protection and management in buried underground networks.

The color identification of the new second generation GEONFLEX & GEOSUB conduits follows the rules set by the Standard NF P 98-332 which specifies the pipeline coloring according to the application field and the minimum distances buried pipes should have between each other.

Patent No: 1009158
Plastic conduit systems for buried underground networks

We do not rest, we are continuously working to improve all our products production process


The underground routing of the public utility networks for safety reasons (avoid exposure to extreme natural phenomena and transmission of electromagnetic radiation) and the upgrading of the urban environment (better aesthetics since they are not an eyesore).


The design of a robust, easy to use and environmentally friendly product that will protect the cables from external factors and will facilitate the installation and accessibility to the network combining the properties of a pliable and a rigid pipe at the same time.

Manufacturing technology

Welding of three different walls during the production process through co-extrusion. The corrugated external wall of the conduit provides the necessary flexibility and the required mechanical strength with the use of less raw materials. The internal smooth wall ensures the smooth insertion of the cables during the installation/replacement.


Acquisition of two fully automated production lines, from top European companies, that produce double structured wall HDPE conduits, in nominal outer diameters from Ø40 to Ø250, with the brand name GEONFLEXR and GEOSUBR with mechanical resistance N750 (the maximum resistance according to EN 61386-24) and L450 respectively.

How important is safety in case of a fire accident?

Fire is amongst the most unpredictable threats and possibly one of the major sources of insecurity for communities, especially when occurring indoors, where chances for evacuation are limited.

KOUVIDIS halogen free and low smoke conduit systems have been designed in such a way in order to develop an additional protection in a burning building while they ensure high impact resistance in extreme low temperature conditions (-45oC).

Even in the more organized spaces, the inspection on the suitability of construction materials should be of paramount importance.

Plastic conduit systems halogen free

Demanding customers just make us better


Preventing adverse incidents with fatal outcomes due to the use of unsuitable building materials in public gathering places.


Designing a product made from top quality raw materials that will not release any toxic or corrosive gases or emit a dense wave of smoke in case of fire.

Manufacturing technology

Halogen free and low smoke raw materials supplied by the top plastic manufacturers as well as the design of a fully-automated production line (extruders and injections) of latest technology.


Two integrated conduit systems, available in heavy and medium type according to their compression resistance, with brand names CONDUR® HF- CONFLEX ® HF and MEDISOL® HF – MEDIFLEX® HF in nominal outer diameters from Ø16 to Ø63, according to ΕΝ 61386.01, along with a complete series of fittings (bends, couplers, clips, adaptors) and junction boxes.

Anti – rodent protection

The sense of smell of rodents is much more developed than in human. The plasticizers and the aromatic odors of polymers, the bright colors and the texture of polymer products are all responsible for rodents being attracted to plastic goods. A damage in an electrical installation that consists of mainly plastic parts (pipes, junction boxes, cables, etc.), due to a rodent attack, can cause a potential damage to the network and thus an unpredictable cost to repair it. In some cases a potential damage can cause even a fire. KOUVIDIS has developed a series of plastic piping systems with anti-rodent protection in order to maximize safety in electrical installations from potential animal attacks.

Patent No: EP 2698792
DW HIGH SPEED Technology

Brand new DUROFLEX® PLUS structured wall conduits change the way we used to know concealed installations in concrete making electrician’s task even easier while ensuring 100% reliability of his work.

Applying its manufacturing know-how on structured wall conduits in smaller diameters of Ø20, Ø25, Ø32 KOUVIDIS becomes the first company in Europe daring such an investment.

DUROFLEX® PLUS is a Pan- European Innovation that was awarded by the Greek Marketing Academy with the “Innovative Industrial Product” Gold Award.

Patent No:1009144
DUROFLEX PLUS 3layers conduit for concealed installations

Demanding applications are always a challenge for us


The combination of the advantages of rigid and pliable plastic conduits in one product, achieving the maximum easiness for cable routing in concealed installations.


The appliance of our manufacturing know-how on structured wall conduits for buried underground networks, in smaller diameters in order to design a new structured wall plastic conduit that will be intended to be used in concrete.

Manufacturing Technology

Following the method of co-extrusion of 3 layers along with the use of special stabilized and halogen free raw materials, DUROFLEX PLUS plastic conduits achieve high mechanical and chemical resistance and make Electrician’s work easier and safer while at the same time they leave a low environmental footprint.


DUROFLEX PLUS branded new conduit is produced in diameters Ø20, Ø25, Ø32 and consists of 3 layers. The corrugated external wall provides the necessary flexibility and the required mechanical strength. The inner wall ensures the smooth insertion of the cables. A third independent layer of longitudinal lines creates a long-lasting marking between electrical installations and communication systems