KOUVIDIS participates in one of the largest power interconnection projects worldwide

Our company participates in the first power interconnection project between island of Crete and mainland of Greece (Chania – Peloponnese), one of the largest power interconnection projects worldwide.

The project concerns the construction of a new 132 km submarine power line, ensuring the security of the island’s energy supply. The new cable will be up to 1,000 meters below sea level.

Our GEONFLEX N750 pipes were selected, among others, to protect the cables in the ground sections due to their high mechanical strength (the maximum resistance according to EN 61386-24 for the protection of cables in underground networks) as well as for their easiness in installation.


We are really proud to be involved in such an emblematic infrastructure project, that will ensure a large part of our island’s energy needs reducing significantly its environmental footprint.