MEDISOL AM Medium type bend with antimicrobial technology

MEDISOL AM bend is a part of MEDISOL AM – MEDIFLEX AM conduit system with antimicrobial technology for cable management and protection. It has the same properties as MEDISOL AM conduit and is produced by a fully automated production line. Its antimicrobial technology resists the growth of bacteria by up to 99% within 24 hours



Ideal for sanitary areas (hospitals, medical centers & laboratories) and public spaces (schools, nursery homes/rooms & sport centers) and areas requiring implementation of HACCP & ISO 22000 systems such as food industries/warehouses, restaurants, etc.

  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLIANCE:2014/35/EU(LVD), 2011/65/EU (RoHS), 98/8/ΕΕ (BPD)
  • COLOR:RAL 9003 White
  • Product Conformity to all requirements of relative European Directives.
  • Minimum compression strength
  • Minimum impact strength
  • Min-max permanent application temperature
  • Product with extra UV stability
  • Non flame propagating product
  • Product Certificate for its antimicrobial effectiveness from the BIOCOTE British Institute (ISO 22196)
  • Antimicrobial product that inhibits by up to 99.9% the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Product is not an attractive food to rodents
1Resist the growth of bacteria by up to 99% within 24 hours
2Antimicrobial efficacy is tested according to the International Standard ISO 22196 and is controlled by the British laboratory BIOCOTE
3Marked using embossed printing and packed in 100% recyclable packaging for their maximum protection.
4High impact (2J) resistance (medium type) in low temperature of -25oC
5High ingress protection (min IP65), when connected with MEDISOL AM coupler
6Not attractive to rodents
Resistance to impact 2J (at -25oC)
Lower temperature range -25oC
Upper temperature range +60oC
Electrical characteristics With electrical insulated characteristics
Protection against ingress of solid objects min IP65
Protection against ingress of water min IP65
Resistance to flame propagating Non flame propagating


Additional properties
Raw material Heavy metals free (RoHS), specially stabilized thermoplastic U-PVC
Ageing resistance UV stabilized
Antimicrobial technology Resist the growth of bacteria by up to 99% within 24 hours
Rodent repellent Not attractive to rodents


Type Part number
Ø16 4344116 16 13.0 27 59 10 480
Ø20 4344120 20 16.8 35 74 10 480
Ø25 4344125 25 21.5 36.7 108 10 240
Ø32 4344132 32 28.3 47.6 142 6 48
Ø40 4344140 40 36.0 52.9 144 6 84
Ø50 4344150 50 45.0 62 175 4 40
Ø63 4344163 63 57.8 77 203 4 24


MEDISOL AM bend – Declaration of conformity
MEDISOL AM bend – Technical Data Sheet
BIOCOTE Certificate of efficacy
ISO 9001 Certificate
Plastic conduit systems with antimicrobial technology
VDE RoHS Certificate